Our Mission

To ensure that every woman is empowered in making her own decision to choose a provider that she will trust and be comfortable with. With IbiOp, women can now access a directory of medical and service providers which emphasizes labor and birth support persons that are available around the world. Our services will allow women access to options available in her community for Antenatal, Pre-natal, postnatal support and all other holistic well-being services. 

"I believe your purpose chooses you. You don't get to choose it." - Yasmintheresa


 Founding Team


Founder of IbiOp Inc. and YtheG.com



Yasmintheresa, a.k.a. YtheG is the creator of the IbiOp App/Directory; The first App that list Doulas, Midwives, Events and more, worldwide!


Yasmintheresa is a Natural Birth Doula, and Writer who works as a Personal Development Coach, Yoga Instructor and Inspirational Educator. She has always had the desire to work with the community and help it progress in any way. Through her vision, creations and experiences she is dedicated to inspire others to produce self-sustainability in their communities.

Amira Polanco

Prosperity Guide

After becoming a finance guru in her personal life, Amira joined the team of IbiOp as the Prosperity Guide who has instructed others on how to manage not only their budget to save and enjoy their income despite their socioeconomic status. She is also constantly sought out to help individuals and families organize their businesses, homes, and life plans with the intentions to lead a prosperous life.

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Since creating the IbiOp App we have created the nonprofit organization to provide personal development and maternal health based workshops and services. We believe in building community through integrity and partnerships.


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